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San Francisco and North Bay
Marin County Airport, Gnoss Field (KDVO)

EAA's Young Eagles Program


The Young Eagles program was started in the early 90's with the goal of giving 1 million youngsters ages 7-17 their first flights in a small airplaneby the 100th anniversary of flight in December, 2003. Once that goal was met the program has continued on and we have now flown over 1.8 million Young Eagles. A recent joint FAA/EAA study showed that almost 1/3 of all pilots that earned their Private Pilot license in the past 10 years started out as Young Eagles!

There are now educational and flight training opportunities to follow the first flight for Young Eagles 13 and older, ranging from free online ground school courses to full flight training scholarships. A recent joint FAA/EAA study showed that 7.3% of current pilots under the age of 35 started out as Young Eagles, and that percentage is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years as Young Eagles reach the prime age to start flight training, between 30 and 35 years old!

To learn more about how the program works be sure to visit the website at

Chapter 1232 Young Eagles Activities

Although our chapter is small in comparison to some others, for the past nine years we've flown an average of 120 new Young Eagles each year. Most of these are flown on our annual Young Eagles Day in late September/early October when the Bay Area's weather is at its best.  This event also tends to be our best social event as a chapter, with pilots and ground helpers hanging around for barbeque and "hangar flying" after the last Young Eagle has been flown.

See our Photos page on this site for links to images from past years' Young Eagles rallies. Because of overwhelming demand pre-registration for this event is required. Contact Ken Mercer, Young Eagles Coordinator, for details.

Young Eagles throughout the year

We do also welcome (and encourage) Young Eagles flights throughout the year. Again, contact Ken Mercer to arrange a flight.


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