Chapter 1232-Novato, CA

San Francisco and North Bay
Marin County Airport, Gnoss Field (KDVO)

Member Projects (click on highlighted item to view photo)

Bill Bastida                               Cherokee, Moni motorglider project

Blitz Fox                                    Nanchang CJ-6

Carl VonDoymi                         RV-8 completed

Dave Ward                              Breezy completed, restored Citabria, RV10 project

David McConnell                     BG-12 glider completed, Lancair 320 completed, RV-8 completed

Gordon Danielson                   C-310

Herman Frentzel                      Kitfox Lite completed, Cardinal, Onex project

Jim Swanson                           RV7 project

John Long                               Nanchang CJ-6

Ken Mercer                             Scratch-built Sonex project, Pietenpol project

Phil Simon                              Sonex completed, Sonerai project, Onex project

   (for a slide show of Phil's epic 15 day, 32 state adventure in this plane click here)

Rich Blacker                          RV-4 completed, RV-12 project

Ron Jagels                             RV-8A completed (and sold), RV-12 completed

Tim Blofeld                            Scottish Aviation Bulldog

Tom Ryan                             RV-12 completed, Murphy Rebel completed, Onex project

Tom Schiff                             Glastar project, C-150

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